Haiku Haiku Review

Haiku Review ( burn out edition)

Kids are stressing out

Teachers have no time to prep


When will we realize

That collective grief is real?


We aren’t the same as

Eighteen months ago. This is


Haiku Haiku Review

Haiku Review

A personal note

I applied to be mentored

For my manuscript

However, sometimes

I feel despair in my heart

And that can be tough.

But then, there are times

I feel a great sense of joy

Like all will work out.

Climate Education Haiku Review

Saturday Haiku Review

Activists for Earth

Are being killed at high rates.

While we turn blind eyes

Flooding will not stop

Unless we change our habits

Is that possible?

Mask-less kids roll by

Uh-oh, guess what? They have Covid

No one quarantines.