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The right to choose?

Haiku Review Saturday

Expensive Healthcare

Equals expensive birthing

AND body damage

Birth control access

Is easier than it was

Barriers exist

Doctors prescribe it

What if you have no doctor?

Or no insurance?

Well, there are options

Example: planned parenthood

But…there’s defunding

Rollback of Roe/wade

A dangerous precedent

All about control…

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Let’s Do This Thing!

Children over Five

Can now get vaccinated

Do it fast and now

Covid is still here

And there is a solution


Ok…So What?

The pandemic has

Impacted children so much

See, for example:

A loss of parent

Schools with rolling qurantines

And anxiety

To “save the children”

We must vaccinate children

Like…we’ve been doing

That’s why we don’t have

Polio and Chicken Pox

So, let’s do this friends!

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Actual Image of the power of vaccination
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New Format

Beginning today

I will post haiku format

For most my blog posts.

Ok…So What?

Haikus are Easy

Time is a commodity

One which I don’t have


The blogs that I post

Will still revolve around news


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The ideal change.
Climate Haiku Poetry

Haiku Review


Climate Meeting Starts

Its the who’s who of the world

But will there be change?


Because, you see friend

People are displaced right now

Meeting won’t fix that


Haiku Review – Vacation

The need to recharge

After eighteen months of shit

Was very needed.

And yet I have found

That at home or on the beach

I am still tired.

Current Events Haiku

Haiku Review

Shit show in Texas

Opinion is different from

Solid evidence

Speaking on that point

Transphobic remarks shouldn’t

Get large Netflix deals.

Anyway stay safe

Go find a vaccination

And wear your masks friends.

Haiku Haiku Review

Haiku Review ( burn out edition)

Kids are stressing out

Teachers have no time to prep


When will we realize

That collective grief is real?


We aren’t the same as

Eighteen months ago. This is


Haiku Haiku Review

Haiku Review

A personal note

I applied to be mentored

For my manuscript

However, sometimes

I feel despair in my heart

And that can be tough.

But then, there are times

I feel a great sense of joy

Like all will work out.


Haiku Review

A girl goes missing

Boyfriend allowed to escape

Is it a surprise?

In same area

Are 710 missing

Indigenous girls

But I’m not surprised

This country has a hard time

Valuing women.

Haiku History

Haiku Review

Twenty years ago

We experienced trauma

Covid brought some more

To people saying

“We came together back then”

What have you done now?