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Nearing the Second Year

The way states treat kids is reflective of the shits they give.

As Covid rages

Look to how states treated schools

No masks for the kids?

No testing in place?

The government doesn’t care

About the children

Which also will mean

That they won’t care about you

When you need their help

Current Events Haiku Health Care Poetry

Is it even an argument?

A reflection on Vaccine Requirements

Special session called

For vaccine requirements.

In large companies

It’s ridiculous

800,000 are dead

Yet, we still argue.

About whether jobs

should require employees

to get the vaccine.

The answer, is yes!

Your “freedom” shouldn’t kill me

Or my grandmother.

Another Christmas

Another new year has passed

And yet, here we are.

Current Events Haiku Health Care Poetry


And rising


The number of people lost

In the pandemic

Double World War Two

Almost triple World War One

These are civilians

Selfishness led here

American pride and greed

Is this “real” freedom?

We are held captive

Capitalism brought down

Because a virus

And…of course…because

Some refuse to help others

…get vaccinated.

Current Events Health Care Poetry

Parental Leave

A poem based on this article.

Having kids is hard

Difficult on both parents

Sleepless nights…and days

All bleed together

A cacophony of stress

That saps energy

Babies, though, are great

With chubby cheeks and fat feet

But…we’re still tired

Four weeks? Laughable

Healing takes longer than that

Both emotional

And then physical

For a country so obsessed

With the birth of babes

It should be easy

To both have a baby and

Have time with baby.

Current Events Haiku Health Care Local Government Poetry

Let’s Do This Thing!

Children over Five

Can now get vaccinated

Do it fast and now

Covid is still here

And there is a solution


Ok…So What?

The pandemic has

Impacted children so much

See, for example:

A loss of parent

Schools with rolling qurantines

And anxiety

To “save the children”

We must vaccinate children

Like…we’ve been doing

That’s why we don’t have

Polio and Chicken Pox

So, let’s do this friends!

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Actual Image of the power of vaccination