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A roar

Like rushing water

Fills my head

It’s all encompassing

enveloping me in a frenzy of fear

impossible to break free

The river rages and heightens until the flood waters peak

and I drift slowly back down

to reality.

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Trying to make sense

Of a life in upheaval

Is like trying to

Hear a conversation between ants

You can see them, sure

See that they’re conversating

Their little antennae move

And they hustle forward with purpose

But what they said?

It’s non-sensical.

Problems are like this too

They appear, but don’t make sense

And decisions must be rushed toward

with all the purpose

of an ant on a mission

but none of the understanding.

Haiku mental health Poems


Choices expand stress

The wait; the anticipation

The decision though

Pierces through the fear

Popping it like a balloon

The choice is made

And life can lift

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You’ve heard of broken

That ugly word describing pain

“A broken woman”

As though she’s shattered

Laying in pieces on the ground

Unmoving. Static.

That’s not what it is

Grief, pain; they’re ever changing

Frenetic, dizzying

No. We’re not broken

Or shattered, or static

We’re simply unmoored

A boat without a dock

A leap without a landing

But not aimless. No.

We know the destination.

We just haven’t spotted it yet.