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Labor division

Is never equitable

Where kids are involved

Haiku parenting Poems Poetry


Hard work is not done

In the moments or seconds

That come after pain

No, hard work is done

In the smile of encouragement

The breath of patience

The tears of frustration

Hard work is not just blood or sweat

Those are momentary…


Hard work is done

In the creation of the scar

And the faded memory it becomes

family Haiku parenting Poetry


Sometimes in our lives

We need a break from it all

True for children, too

My fourteen year old…

Said she needed a reset

As a parent, it’s hard

Hearing you’re not wanted

But it’s a valid feeling

For a teen to have

Especially when…

So many things are going on

So, she’s at grandmas

With no phone, but lots of love

For her reset.

And as for me?

The waves crash in front of me

Teal and turbulent

Foaming with worry and tousled with love

For my kid who carries so much.

Haiku parenting Poetry


I feel like I’m losing

Across the table, you stare

With hollowed out eyes

Eyes that scare me

Because I’m worried for you

Worried for all the feelings

I cant possibly help you manage

Not by myself. Not without help

And, don’t worry. We will get you help.

But in the meantime

I feel useless

Wishing I could take your pain

And fear

Ball it up and throw it far away

Crush it into dust

And send it up into space, letting it orbit around a star instead of your brain

But i can’t

I can’t do anything but stand by you.

And tell you I love you