Climate Current Events Haiku Poems Poetry


Record heat persists

Living beside intense fires

And massive flooding

The stripping of rights

Polarizing of nations


But this damn sunrise

Is so fucking beautiful

That we snap photos

Rather than bask in the bright

And vivid moment

Climate Current Events Poems Poetry

Climate Blind

Storms in the west

Floods in the south

We’re watching it happen

But shutting our mouth

Record heat in the east

And in the north too

Shaking our heads

What’s there to do?

Nothing can change until we make it so

Revolution is coming

And lots of sorrow

Climate Current Events Haiku Poems Poetry

World on Fire

Orange light streams in

And the floor dances with fire

Meanwhile, in the sky

Pink translucent clouds are shaded

By billowing plumes of smoke

Ash covers the sidewalks

Children play with it

Like they would a puddle

Watched over by a flaming copper sun

Why is it so beautiful

When the world is on fire?

Climate Current Events Haiku Poems Poetry

Gentrified Sky

Cotton candy skies

Sweep over hard machinery

Gray to contrast pink

Spun sugar clouds

Sun bleached and fractured with gold

Hang amidst black plumes

Of industrialization

Climate Haiku Poems


Wind slinks on the ground

It’s unseasonably cold

May should be bright, warm

Full of buds and flowers

Not this bleak, cold, gray howler

Is it climate change?


Or maybe the weather

Is a reflection of my own mood.

Climate Haiku Poetry

Signs of Spring

A bruised sky looming

Black tinged and brushed with purple

Pink blossoms stare up


Mouths open, waiting for rain

The sky takes a breath

And the bruise darkens

Droplets slip down the window

Tracing tears on the glass

Angry, the clouds harden

Tears change to sideways torrents

Drowning the flowers

Climate Current Events Haiku Poetry


Everything’s Rising.

Coastal waters are rising

Taxes are rising


My age is rising too, but

That’s not your problem

But, it has been said

With every action comes an

Equal reaction

If everything is rising…

Will we rise as a community?

Or, will we all fall?

By which I mean fail

To acknowledge hard truths

and take action?

Current Events Haiku Poetry

Into the Fray

A poem on what lies ahead

Omicron rages

While the CDC changes

All of the safeguards.

Meanwhile changes

Encompass our burning world

Earth is changing too

I don’t want to

Bring heavy tidings to you

Or…maybe I do.

In only one year

Democracy has been rocked

Temperatures rise.

Animals have died

Floods and Tornados have killed

And disease has reigned.

So what do we do?

When faced with this brave new world?

Well…maybe not brave.

I, for one, am scared.

But, despite all of my fear

I won’t become blind.

Climate Current Events Poetry


A free write on weather

The energy on the road is static

Cars, dusted with powder, crawl along. Their drivers shivering from the stress.

They drive slow, outside of lanes they can no longer see. Erratic in the storm.

As humans we’ve bent nature to our will. Covered mountains with tar and pitch, extracted salt to return back to the curated roads that our cars crawl on like ants.

But nature fights back.

Ice lays underneath the beauty of new snow, stickier than tar, slicker than glass.

Invisible. Silent. Lurking.

Laying in wait because nature knows we have to be to work.

Humans are, after all, predictable. We have to go to work to keep our jobs to buy the gas that drives our cars that pays the taxes to fix the holes in the road after every winter.

We can’t shirk responsibility because there aren’t enough plows.

There aren’t by the way.

So all we can do on this icy road is marvel at the beauty of nature and drive slow because we fear her. We take a deep breath when our car begins to sway.

Climate Current Events Poetry

The future of energy

Or the future of exploitation?

A poem inspired by this article.

New energy source.

Renewable energy.

Sounds pretty great right?

Of course it sounds great

We all want to fix the world

But…what is the cost?

“Future Energy”

Also means “future profits”


Ok..So what?

When there’s money made

There’s people to profit from

And land to ruin

It’s not the future

If old practices are used

We must do better