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World on Fire

Orange light streams in

And the floor dances with fire

Meanwhile, in the sky

Pink translucent clouds are shaded

By billowing plumes of smoke

Ash covers the sidewalks

Children play with it

Like they would a puddle

Watched over by a flaming copper sun

Why is it so beautiful

When the world is on fire?

Climate Haiku Poems Poetry

Chasing Sunsets

My car climbs the road

To find a spot over the trees

And all the houses

Just to catch a glimpse

Of fraying clouds burnished gold

Slashed over mountains

A sunset, bright and bleeding

It’s a reminder

Things that might seem torn

Or damaged or shredded

Are still achingly beautiful

Climate Haiku Poetry

Signs of Spring

A bruised sky looming

Black tinged and brushed with purple

Pink blossoms stare up


Mouths open, waiting for rain

The sky takes a breath

And the bruise darkens

Droplets slip down the window

Tracing tears on the glass

Angry, the clouds harden

Tears change to sideways torrents

Drowning the flowers

Climate Haiku Poetry

Ocular Pigmentation

I stare up

Green trees haloed by a cornflower sky

The bristles of their green brush

Sway back and forth, propelled by the wind

The tree tips are haloed by a brightness

It casts a relief about them, outlining and softening their coarse edges

That Aura I see is a trick of the eye and the light.

And probably has some fancy name.

Like Ocular pigmentation.

But to me, here in the wilderness.

It’s magic.

Climate Haiku Poetry

Ice Queen

Spring is so fickle

Last week she stretched her arms, yawning

We were in her glow

Yet this week she left

Crawling under a blanket of snow

Underground with Hades

Climate Haiku Poetry


Blistering morning

Snow soaking our clothes like rain

Car covered in ice

We step, bleary eyed

Sleep floating off our bodies

In the bitter cold

And pretend to go along

As a normal day