Current Events Poems Poetry

Whispered conversations

Graveyards are so much more than a final resting place

They are a collection of memories, shattered dreams, and half forgotten hopes.

A collection of consciousness laying underneath a curated lawn.

Perhaps that’s why, on the clearest day, a breeze always blows

It’s the whispered conversation of souls

Current Events family Poems Poetry


My dear,

You were never meant to pick up the pieces of a life cut too short.

It is the cruelty of existence that requires you to soldier on. It is not God’s will, it is not fate. It is…happenstance. And you have met it with wide eyed courage.

You must feel forgotten. Overlooked and overwhelmed. Angry at the world or God or the Universe for leaving you behind.

Guilty for your anger. Guilty for your rage. Guilty for all the roiling emotions that ebb and flow with the circadian rhythm of the day.

Because you’re the one who stayed.

My dear, I see you. I see your youth. I see your bright soul alight with childish wonder.

I see how it’s dimmed now that you can no longer explore the vast expanse of this incandescent world with the man you love.

You’re a changeling. Alone in the bizarre shadow called Earth now stripped of light.

But please remember…

Grief is not attached to morality.

Grief simply is.

You will feel knives of anger, shards of hatred, and moments of spite. You will feel sparks of joy, bubbles of love, and waves of compassion. And all this will barrage you in staccato rhymes of confusion.

Because you were left behind.

But my dear, you are not forgotten. Though it may seem that way.

You were left behind. But we are by your side.

mental health Poems Poetry


A roar

Like rushing water

Fills my head

It’s all encompassing

enveloping me in a frenzy of fear

impossible to break free

The river rages and heightens until the flood waters peak

and I drift slowly back down

to reality.

Current Events Education Haiku Poems Poetry

Lonely Satisfaction


It’s a feeling we’re all familiar with

But have you heard

Of lonely satisfaction?

It’s the feeling of newly unwrapped presents

The chill of first snow

The scent of your lovers sweatshirt

Found, tossed aside, in the corner of your house.

Lonely satisfaction is

Coming home from vacation

Or 501 pm on a Friday

It’s things accomplished

But a future

Not yet materialized.

Current Events Education Haiku Poems Poetry Teaching

8 million

In America

Kids are always the battle ground

What they read

What we teach them

How we raise them

Yet in our hubris

We allowed 8 million of them

To be stricken with grief

You see

We were too busy arguing

To care about the consequence

Haiku Poems Poetry Teaching


Empty checkboxes

And a mind that’s zig zagging

Still manage to impress

From the outside in

Yet I have never mastered

Impressing myself

Current Events Education Haiku History Poems Poetry


We drink our coffee

Skid into our parking spot

Late, by two minutes

The day is a drudge

Much the same as yesterday,

As will be tomorrow

Oblivious to

The obliteration of

An entire culture

That’s what we call progress

Climate Current Events Haiku Poems Poetry


Record heat persists

Living beside intense fires

And massive flooding

The stripping of rights

Polarizing of nations


But this damn sunrise

Is so fucking beautiful

That we snap photos

Rather than bask in the bright

And vivid moment

Current Events Haiku Poems Poetry Teaching

The great resignation

A simple reminder:

Toxic relationships are

Not just reserved

For lovers

They can be an entity, a corporation

A job

Even a Vice

Before you leave it’s like

Sucking all air through a straw

Colors are muted, and gray

But once you’re free…

The world is as bright as a birthday cake

And equally exciting.

Climate Current Events Poems Poetry

Climate Blind

Storms in the west

Floods in the south

We’re watching it happen

But shutting our mouth

Record heat in the east

And in the north too

Shaking our heads

What’s there to do?

Nothing can change until we make it so

Revolution is coming

And lots of sorrow