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Whispered conversations

Graveyards are so much more than a final resting place

They are a collection of memories, shattered dreams, and half forgotten hopes.

A collection of consciousness laying underneath a curated lawn.

Perhaps that’s why, on the clearest day, a breeze always blows

It’s the whispered conversation of souls

Current Events Education family Haiku Poems Poetry


It’s easy to think

I’m abstract terms about “struggle”

But much harder

When your child is hundreds of miles away

And crying on the phone

Current Events Education Haiku Poems Poetry

Lonely Satisfaction


It’s a feeling we’re all familiar with

But have you heard

Of lonely satisfaction?

It’s the feeling of newly unwrapped presents

The chill of first snow

The scent of your lovers sweatshirt

Found, tossed aside, in the corner of your house.

Lonely satisfaction is

Coming home from vacation

Or 501 pm on a Friday

It’s things accomplished

But a future

Not yet materialized.

Current Events Education Haiku Poems Poetry Teaching

8 million

In America

Kids are always the battle ground

What they read

What we teach them

How we raise them

Yet in our hubris

We allowed 8 million of them

To be stricken with grief

You see

We were too busy arguing

To care about the consequence

Haiku Poems Poetry

Small towns

There are times where life

Shows you the road not traveled

By resurrecting

Someone you dated

At the most awkward of times

Those jarring moments

Are the fates little tricks

Nothing to do but laugh and

Steer clear of their gaze

Climate Current Events Haiku Poems Poetry


Silhouetted trees

Black against a neon sky

Sway in a cool breeze

Summer is waning

Which heightens the nostalgia

Of teen years long passed.

Haiku Poems Poetry Teaching


Empty checkboxes

And a mind that’s zig zagging

Still manage to impress

From the outside in

Yet I have never mastered

Impressing myself

Current Events Haiku Poems Poetry

Sticky Words

I stare at the screen

My eyes crossing, contacts dry

As I try to paint

Using only words

Some words are sharp, some pointy

Others are vivid

Like a 1972 VW

Others are dull and sticky

Like hour old chewing gum

What’s true about words as art

Is there are thousands

And if they connect just right,

They create not just art, but action

And drama that invokes real emotion

Yet somehow writing is also…


Because the art is real

But invisible

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We drink our coffee

Skid into our parking spot

Late, by two minutes

The day is a drudge

Much the same as yesterday,

As will be tomorrow

Oblivious to

The obliteration of

An entire culture

That’s what we call progress

Climate Current Events Haiku Poems Poetry


Record heat persists

Living beside intense fires

And massive flooding

The stripping of rights

Polarizing of nations


But this damn sunrise

Is so fucking beautiful

That we snap photos

Rather than bask in the bright

And vivid moment