family Haiku Poems Poetry

A gentle rhythm

Inhale, exhale, and repeat

Stave off all that’s bad

It’s so hard to start

But the pounding of my feet

And the sweat dripping

Keeps me sane

family Haiku parenting Poetry


Sometimes in our lives

We need a break from it all

True for children, too

My fourteen year old…

Said she needed a reset

As a parent, it’s hard

Hearing you’re not wanted

But it’s a valid feeling

For a teen to have

Especially when…

So many things are going on

So, she’s at grandmas

With no phone, but lots of love

For her reset.

And as for me?

The waves crash in front of me

Teal and turbulent

Foaming with worry and tousled with love

For my kid who carries so much.

Haiku parenting Poetry


I feel like I’m losing

Across the table, you stare

With hollowed out eyes

Eyes that scare me

Because I’m worried for you

Worried for all the feelings

I cant possibly help you manage

Not by myself. Not without help

And, don’t worry. We will get you help.

But in the meantime

I feel useless

Wishing I could take your pain

And fear

Ball it up and throw it far away

Crush it into dust

And send it up into space, letting it orbit around a star instead of your brain

But i can’t

I can’t do anything but stand by you.

And tell you I love you

Haiku Poetry

Three Months Out

The lights still twinkle

Beautiful in the darkness

Red, green, blue, and white

Their defiant glow

Bringing joy to the neighbors

amidst troubling times

Not just one person

Multiple houses have lights

Strung up for christmas

And electrified

As beacons for change

Current Events Haiku Poetry

Not yet…

Mask restrictions lift

With glee and exaltation

From those not masking

It’s not like it’s hard

A good mask protects yourself

And other people

Covid isn’t gone

When I hear you complaining

About wearing masks

I also wonder

How many you infected

In your stubbornness

Current Events Education Haiku Teaching

Unintended consequences?

The consequences

Of the pandemic

Will be hard to count…

However, it’s clear

That the main victims are kids

They are in shambles

First, online schooling

Then, rolling quarantines and

Sick family members

We’ve expected them

To be strong. Meanwhile adults

Kept failing the kids.

Don’t @ me on this

I know we’ve all done our best

Closing school was right.

Here is my real point

We’ve asked our kids to adapt

While leaving no tools

In their school toolbox

They are alone in the wild

Because schools didn’t adjust

To the trauma of the kids

Haiku Poetry

Sometimes it’s so hard

To keep fighting for your “dreams”

And, as I get old

It’s, increasingly

More difficult, yet urgent

To feel accomplished

Please don’t get me wrong

I am very privileged

I understand that

But, I also feel

That I always come up short

Destined to only

Stand just to the side

While others take the spotlight


Current Events Education Haiku Poetry Teaching


Twelve of twenty-five

Students absent in my class

It’s not a mask thing

They all have COVID

It’s spreading so quickly that

I see in real time

The sickness take hold

And worsen over the day

The worst part of this

Is that so many don’t care

But kids are suffering

Current Events Education Haiku Poetry Teaching

It’s Like We Could Have Prevented This…

You know what’s wild?

When a lack of mitigation

Leads to a case rise.

It’s almost as though

We could have seen it coming

Oh wait…we did see.

Instead choosing to do nothing

And now cases rise.

One quarter absent

Yesterday at my school

What do I do with that?

Teachers are so so tired

Because…we told you so.

Current Events Education Local Government Poetry Teaching

A Lack of Teachers

Is not because of teachers

It’s becoming clear

That the teaching profession

Is in some trouble

Put very simply

There are not enough teachers

To man the classrooms

Conservatives say

This is a teacher problem

That “we” are too “soft”

This is not the case

The profession of teaching

Is treated poorly

Teachers have low pay

Combined with high education

Our hours are long

Our work is not just hard

It can also be dangerous

Not only covid

But we have angry students

We have poor buildings

On top of threats of shootings

And high expectations

We are not babysitters

We are professionals with

Very high expertise

And we are also

Often treated like shit from admin

And the public.

It’s not hard to see

Why teachers are leaving quick

With none in the wings.

So, don’t act as though

You’re suddenly surprised when

Your kids’ teacher quits.