Haiku Poetry

Sometimes it’s so hard

To keep fighting for your “dreams”

And, as I get old

It’s, increasingly

More difficult, yet urgent

To feel accomplished

Please don’t get me wrong

I am very privileged

I understand that

But, I also feel

That I always come up short

Destined to only

Stand just to the side

While others take the spotlight


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It’s Like We Could Have Prevented This…

You know what’s wild?

When a lack of mitigation

Leads to a case rise.

It’s almost as though

We could have seen it coming

Oh wait…we did see.

Instead choosing to do nothing

And now cases rise.

One quarter absent

Yesterday at my school

What do I do with that?

Teachers are so so tired

Because…we told you so.

Current Events Haiku Poetry

Blended Christmas

The stockings were hung

And presents were wrapped days past

For blended Christmas

For divorced parents

And their kids for that matter

Christmas is flowing

Could be 25th

But usually it’s another

Always with family

Current Events Haiku Health Care Poetry


And rising


The number of people lost

In the pandemic

Double World War Two

Almost triple World War One

These are civilians

Selfishness led here

American pride and greed

Is this “real” freedom?

We are held captive

Capitalism brought down

Because a virus

And…of course…because

Some refuse to help others

…get vaccinated.


Haiku Review

A girl goes missing

Boyfriend allowed to escape

Is it a surprise?

In same area

Are 710 missing

Indigenous girls

But I’m not surprised

This country has a hard time

Valuing women.