The Fickleness of Failure

Saturday Free-Write

Failure is such a fickle emotion

It’s a sneaky one too

It creeps within you at the most inopportune times.

Like a virus, invading your cells, and replicating itself in your thoughts

It can be triggered by a sunset

Or a crack in your voice while you speak

In a yoga class

Or right before you sleep.

The worst part is it’s ever changing.

Sometimes your past replays in your mind

Tumbling in a haze of emotions and clips of your life.

Sometimes failure grips you even when you’re happy.

It’s the feeling that asks you, did you do enough?

Are you enough?

I don’t have a simple cure.

Failure is fickle, after all.

One step forward, two steps back – as they say.

Even though I don’t know who “they” are.

What you do have, though, is a choice.

The feeling of failure, that may be endemic.

But…your choices define who you are…

Choose to keep going.

Because eventually, the failure will either seem small and inconsequential.

Or, you’ll have climbed the peak.

By mshipstory


I'm Lindsay Adams. I'm passionate about history, teaching, and writing.

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