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Lost Cause

A sprinkling of Haiku’s and Poems from middle schoolers reflecting on our lesson regarding the Lost Cause.

A note on the lesson: The students read both primary and secondary sources that discussed the rise of the LMA’s and the UDC. The prompt was to use poetry format to answer one of the following questions: “What was the Lost Cause Narrative?” or “How was the Lost Cause Narrative Spread?” What follows is their own assessment based on their prior knowledge of enslavement (both colonial and antebellum) and the Civil War. You may find our classroom textbook here.


With women to help

Through textbooks and monuments

The lost cause was spread


Lost Cause Narrative.

Manipulated children.

Lie in history.


information false

yet its spread was never sparse

education jacked

none of it was the fact

Dylan and Dreyden

Lost cause narrative

was spread through education

and through monuments.


lost cause narrative

taught children the lies of the


By mshipstory


I'm Lindsay Adams. I'm passionate about history, teaching, and writing.

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