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You’ve heard of broken

That ugly word describing pain

“A broken woman”

As though she’s shattered

Laying in pieces on the ground

Unmoving. Static.

That’s not what it is

Grief, pain; they’re ever changing

Frenetic, dizzying

No. We’re not broken

Or shattered, or static

We’re simply unmoored

A boat without a dock

A leap without a landing

But not aimless. No.

We know the destination.

We just haven’t spotted it yet.

Current Events family Haiku Poems Poetry

Cliff’s Edge

Watching her healing

Is terribly frightening

It’s like when a child

Gets close to an edge

You want to snatch them up and

Hug them tight to you

So you’re never scared

But, that’s the problem…you see

Because the healing

Is not about me

She has to heal for herself

All I do is watch

Current Events Haiku Poetry

Machines of war

A war has begun

In times of war it’s easy

To be misinformed

Critical thinking

Is required from sources

Importantly, you

Shouldn’t make sweeping comments

On volatile situations

That have taken years

To unfold

You’re not an expert

Especially if you’re shocked

At Russia’s aggression

Current Events Disney Haiku Poetry

Pro tip

If you ever barf

In a Disneyland bathroom

I highly suggest

Barfing in the one

Before the jungle cruise

Near the tiki room

It has a “hidden”

Lane on the far left wall

For privacy on

Your land of adventure

Current Events Haiku Poetry

Not yet…

Mask restrictions lift

With glee and exaltation

From those not masking

It’s not like it’s hard

A good mask protects yourself

And other people

Covid isn’t gone

When I hear you complaining

About wearing masks

I also wonder

How many you infected

In your stubbornness

Climate Current Events Haiku Poetry


Everything’s Rising.

Coastal waters are rising

Taxes are rising


My age is rising too, but

That’s not your problem

But, it has been said

With every action comes an

Equal reaction

If everything is rising…

Will we rise as a community?

Or, will we all fall?

By which I mean fail

To acknowledge hard truths

and take action?

Current Events Education Haiku Teaching

Unintended consequences?

The consequences

Of the pandemic

Will be hard to count…

However, it’s clear

That the main victims are kids

They are in shambles

First, online schooling

Then, rolling quarantines and

Sick family members

We’ve expected them

To be strong. Meanwhile adults

Kept failing the kids.

Don’t @ me on this

I know we’ve all done our best

Closing school was right.

Here is my real point

We’ve asked our kids to adapt

While leaving no tools

In their school toolbox

They are alone in the wild

Because schools didn’t adjust

To the trauma of the kids

Current Events Education Haiku History Poetry


States are banning books

900,000 are dead

Now, the GOP

Have, of course, declared

Events of January 6

“Legitimate discourse”


Is barreling fast toward us

A darkness is brewing

A darkness is brewing

Current Events Haiku Poetry


The Atlantic Says

Art starts with good, strong, habits

But…I think that’s wrong

Creating your art

Is a profound privilege

One that’s not easy

For lots of people

More than anything else…art…

Requires your time

Because art takes time

Time is a commodity

Hence…a privilege.

Let us not talk, then

Of strengthening our habits

Let us instead talk

Of equity in

Creating art when time and art

Are commodities.

Current Events Haiku Poetry


Forty nine years of

Reproductive rights that now

Are more than threatened

Likely will be gone

But it won’t stop pregnancies

Or men from pleasure

The repeal of Roe

Will only stop women from


From advancing

That’s what conservatives want…

Women without rights.