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In the spiraling modernity of a wired and connected world the influencers peer out of their square boxes. Against a pink or beige or golden background, they all share the same message.

Self-care. A modern woman practices a self-care routine.

The influencer will preach with the utmost sincerity. She is a trend setting prophet, and her bible is whatever pastel colored bottle has paid enough to grace her screen today.

The modern woman, her hair in a bun that’s perched atop her head, or in a day old sweatshirt that smells faintly of infant piss or vomit (or both) nods.

Self-care. She must find herself a self care routine.

But time is fleeting. How can one practice self care in the midst of a thousand daily chores that triple the minute one gets missed? Especially if the modern woman is expected to work, cook, clean, and perfectly parent at every god-damn minute of every single day.

Modernity is a dream

A beautiful one, sold in 10 second chunks of neutral colored smiles.

In reality, it’s profits for clicks. The capitalization of consumption.

And yet, still we scroll.

For self-care purposes, of course.

By mshipstory


I'm Lindsay Adams. I'm passionate about history, teaching, and writing.

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