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An Absence of Knowledge

My removing books from schools, parents are removing choice from children. The absence of knowledge is a method of control.

A free-write on book banning

Nobel Prize in Literature

Pulitzer Prize for Fiction

Presidential Medal of Freedom

These are only three of the many awards Toni Morrison has won. Yet schools are pulling her books (amongst others).


Because with every action comes an equal and opposite reaction. Because the path to change is through the next generation. And, at heart, change is uncomfortable. It’s a discomfort that comes with a loss of power.

Let me be clear. These are not valid reasons. Learning should make you feel uncomfortable. You should wallow in your discomfort. You should watch the walls that you’ve built around yourself crumble down.


So you can rebuild yourself with better materials. Knowledge is not congruent with stagnation. Knowledge is the house that is always under construction.

Because, you see, learning is the action of remaking our knowledge base with stronger materials. Learning is active, you must constantly be building your house with better, and stronger, and newer materials.

And I’m not talking about “information I found on youtube” or “on some website that upheld my already firmly held, and stagnated, belief.” No. Those are bad building materials. They’re the rotted wood that causes your roof to leak. That’s lazy building.

Ok…so what?

Toni Morrison should be required reading. Toni Morrison is the type of author who writes something so gloriously beautiful that you can’t believe you’ve lived without that book, and those words, and that story for half your life.

So why would we want to stop children from experiencing that?

Fear. Adults are afraid of new knowledge. They are comfortable in their house, even if there’s not enough sunlight or the furniture needs to be replaced

There is the problem.

Children are constantly learning. They are building forts and toppling them down to build new ones in trees or on mountains. Adults…well many adults stop learning the minute they are out of school. They have old methods and old information stuck in their head, and they want to reinforce that old knowledge and protect it from new ideals.

So, adults remove choice from children.

Because that’s what this is. The removal of books is the removal of choice. The absence of information is still a method of control. When you don’t give information, it doesn’t mean it ceases to exist. It means you’re hiding it.

Not telling the full story is still a lie.

The removal of books is a method of control – don’t let anyone fool you into thinking it’s “for the children.”

It’s not. It’s to control the children.

By mshipstory


I'm Lindsay Adams. I'm passionate about history, teaching, and writing.

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