Climate Current Events Poetry


A free write on weather

The energy on the road is static

Cars, dusted with powder, crawl along. Their drivers shivering from the stress.

They drive slow, outside of lanes they can no longer see. Erratic in the storm.

As humans we’ve bent nature to our will. Covered mountains with tar and pitch, extracted salt to return back to the curated roads that our cars crawl on like ants.

But nature fights back.

Ice lays underneath the beauty of new snow, stickier than tar, slicker than glass.

Invisible. Silent. Lurking.

Laying in wait because nature knows we have to be to work.

Humans are, after all, predictable. We have to go to work to keep our jobs to buy the gas that drives our cars that pays the taxes to fix the holes in the road after every winter.

We can’t shirk responsibility because there aren’t enough plows.

There aren’t by the way.

So all we can do on this icy road is marvel at the beauty of nature and drive slow because we fear her. We take a deep breath when our car begins to sway.

By mshipstory


I'm Lindsay Adams. I'm passionate about history, teaching, and writing.

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